Week Four was devoted to the living room. I wanted to focus on the two areas that were cluttered. I spent an afternoon listening to parts of every record and weeded them down to one box. That freed up some space behind the chair. Then I unearthed a tiny bookcase that I had found in the basement. It was used to hold an assortment of pots. After cleaning it up and coating it with water-based polyurethane (the paint was chipping and I didn’t want the possibility of lead chips all over the place), it looked somewhat usable. The bookcase now holds our books which previously stacked in little piles against the wall.

cleaned up living room

I also cleaned up the corner of the living room that was clogged. with the stereo, a TV on a chair and tons of wires that were breeding dust bunnies. First, I had to get everything off the floor and only a metal car, which the previous owners left in the basement. After spending a couple of hours cleaning the corner out, dusting, labelling the wires (a labelmaker is key) and putting everything back together, it now looks much better.

cleaned up electronics in living room

Interestingly enough, the whole setup only cost us $20. Tig bought the TV about 10 years ago, when he was in college for $20. One of my old bosses gave me the DVD player. The Denon stereo system, including speakers, was a hand me down from my aunt (she was going to throw it out). Our friend Jared kindly gave us the Dual record player that was sitting in his parents’ house. We consider it a long-term loan, and would give it back if he ever wanted it. A fully furnished entertainment center - yes it is quite humble - for $20 is still a good deal in my book.