One of the first things the Cure recommended was to to vacuum and mop the floors. By vacuuming, the author says, we can tell which parts of the room have bad “flow”. We should be able to easily vacuum around furniture and objects.

This is where I have to confess, we are not very good housekeepers. Gillingham-Ryan that believes that healthy homes are ones which are cleaned and de-cluttered regularly. Dust aggravates allergies, and “its accumulated contributes to stagnation in your own life.” On a gut level, I have to agree with him. Clutter and dirt/grime are symptoms of house “disease”. It’s just that both activities are neither fun nor glamourous for me.

Here are two examples of blocked flow.

bad flow in living room


more bad flow in the living room

These blocked paths are prime candidates for collecting dust and other stuff. Unfortunately, I did not have enough energy to rearrange these items. Maybe in the later weeks.