Well, the dining room and butler’s pantry has been cleaned up. Here’s the end result.

dining room with new chandelier

There’s my uber-handy husband in the background (the pepto bismol pink kitchen from the previous owners), making dinner.

Admitedly, the room looks a little stark. It could certainly use some nice drapes, a few pieces of artwork, maybe a plant or two. And yes, the table and chairs are IKEA leftover from our early marriage years. All in good time.

The fixture was a Lowe’s purchase and purportedly composed of Swarovski Spectra crystals (which do not have lead in them). It provided maximum bling for the price, which was a fraction of some of the antique/vintage crystal chandeliers I had seen in antique stores.

new dining room chandelier

We also added a plastic medallion to gussy it up and hide the hole with all the wiring. Old house purists would be appalled that we didn’t use real plaster. We only have so much resources we can throw at one project. With two 40-year-old boilers that need to be replaced, compromises have to be made.

All in all, we are extremely happy with how the room turned out, and enjoyed eating dinner under the glow of our new light fixture.