Now that we have all the pieces to our niche, Tig installed the supports. First I looked for studs in the walls and marked them while Tig predrilled holes. He used a counter-sink, so that the screw heads will set in a little. Then he installed the supports, taking care to line up the screws with the studs.

Then he painted them with the same color paint as the rest of the trim in the room (Devine Icing in trim finish).

Here’s a closeup; you can see the screws sticking out a little, but that won’t matter because the shelves will cover them.

And now, the final moment - the shelves go in.


We’re really happy withe the way it turned out. The shelves look like they were a part of the house all along. This will be the perfect place to stash extra computer paper, equipment, supplies, etc. There is a door to the niche, but that’s up in the attic. We’ll need to rescue it later in the year, for another weekend project.