Old houses don’t seem to have many electrical outlets. That’s where I come in.

electrical boxes in new study

Although I’m no contractor, if there were any skilled trade for me, I’d become an electrician. Why? Because my body is not meant for rough framing work or tough plumbing jobs. I’m relatively fit, but I’m not 5′10″+ and don’t weigh 200+ lbs. I’d rather deal with thin wires. Although Romex wire is quite rigid, it’s definitely much easier than working with cast iron pipe. And dealing with the intricacies of ethernet cable, who better than me? So it’s obvious why I took to electrical work.

So in the front bedroom (soon to become the office/study), I’ve opened the wall in multiple places to install outlets. One opening was a mistake, as there was a diagonol block in between the studs. This prevents fishing wire through the “cavity” between the 2 studs unless a hole is made in the blocking as well. The mistake opening was patched with a piece of drywall and joint compound (commonly referred to contractors as “mud”). The wires for the electrical boxes were all strung up through the attic and to an extra line that leads to the circuit breaker in the basement.  Now I need to install the “special” outlets (to be explained later).

Also note that around each box, the opening in the wall was made snug to the box with more “mud”. And the blue tape on the wall was to mark where studs are located.