In John Rush’s classic book on remodeling, On Time and On Budget, he states that a designer (and I’m paraphrasing here from my notes, so please excuse the inexact quote) “picking out the correct hardware is going to cost a lot of money in relation to the item’s cost…Homeowners working alone often get confused and pick the safest thing possible or the thing they saw in a stylish magazine…Your renovation project should have an integrated design. Consider hardware and lighting fixtures the final voices added to your house.”

I’ve recently taken this to heart in my design philosophy - keep my eye on the integrated whole, but allow myself to fall in love with individual pieces, so long as I’m aware of how it affects the bigger picture. On Saturday morning, I sat down with my usual cup of latte and laptop and pounded out a design brief for our master bedroom. This brief outlines general requirements for the bedroom and basic design concepts for how I want the room to look and feel. It comments on preferences for artwork, lighting, linens, etc. After getting Tig’s buy-in, this document will become our guide in rounding out the design.

My basic concepts is that the design should be visually yummy, much like the experience of eating a dessert. Malcom Gladwell in his latest book, Blink, talks about one magazine editor who said she knew a cover was going to be successful when it was so delicious she wanted to lick it. Likewise, I wanted our bedroom’s aesthetic appeal to be visceral. Of course, this will have to be accomplished over many years as our budget allows.

When it came time to choose the lighting, the existing arrangement was decidedly not yummy.

bare bulb

Tig and I went to a lighting store on Saturday to remedy the situation. We looked at the full gamut from pod lights to wrought irons to Strass Swarovski crystal chandeliers, but nothing suited our taste and budget. Dissappointed, we headed home. On Sunday, we stopped off at a big box home improvement store to pick up some items. There I saw a baby chandelier with nice lines, amber drops,  glass beads, and at a very reasonable price. So here it is below with a plain ceiling medallion. I love how the caramel colored drops stand out against the plain vanilla walls. Yummy.

baby chandelier

P.S. - Tig asked me to write a design brief for the living room and dining room.