Having people over is the biggest home improvement motivator. This Thanksgiving, we are staying in Boston and Jona is come up to visit. In order to be good hosts, we thought it was about time that we move into the master bedroom so that our guests have a place to stay. Good plan, except for Obstacle no. 1: The closet.

wood paneling

This is the bedroom closet with wood paneling. I could not live with the paneling, so I took a crowbar and ripped it out back in May (we were much more ambitious then). Once the seventies reminder was gone, I saw why the previous owners put it up in the first place.

holes in closet

The plaster was in horrible shape. Instead of fixing it, they just covered it up. We debated about patching it, ripping out everything to the studs and starting with drywall. Finally, my dad suggested lining it with cedar strips and calling it a day. That way, we can avoid ripping out horsehair plaster (ugh!) & lathe AND end up with a cedar closet, which we’ve only seen in high end homes. Earlier this month, we bought some aromatic cedar closet liner from Lowes. Last week, Tig got to work and did a minimal patch job.

patch job

Today, we started putting in the cedar.

After a few hours of cutting and nailing.

back of closet

Then we started working on the sides. Because nothing in our house is square, each piece had to be cut to fit.

closet side

After doing the bottom right side, we had to stop for the day. To be finished by Tig this week!