Continuation of Mattress Shopping Part One

At the local mattress making company, we were greeted by a salesman who had a funny way of speaking low at the beginning of the sentence and then two octaves higher mid way. It was a little weird. Tig was annoyed; he made it so that I interfaced with the salesman most of the time. It turns out the store did sell latex toppers. We can order it any way we want: in different thicknesses, sizes and firmless levels.

We chose a soft 24 ILD (a measure of firmness) latex topper in queen size. There wasn’t one in stock, so it had to be ordered. For a whole week, Tig cooly watched as I waited anxiously. “I’m resigned to bad sleep,” he says nonchalantly. Grrrr.

This Saturday, it was ready for pickup. And there it is (below).
there she is

3 inches of buffer from our very firm mattress. Here’s a close up:

close up

The guts of the topper is a foam block with holes running through it for ventilation. The cover, made of quilted cotton and wool, zips off in case it needs to be dry cleaned.

I hope this will be as comfortable as it looks.