We care about the environment and prefer not to fill up landfills. Having said that, tearing out two bathrooms creates a lot of trash. Tile over drywall over plaster over lathes! For the record, Tig did not want a dumpster. Our conversation went something like this:

Me “Did you call around some dumpster places?”

Tig “Yeah, I got some prices, but I don’t think we need it.”

Me, “I think we should get one. We’ve got two bathrooms to tear down.”

Tig, “Don’t worry. I’ll just take it out with the trash.”

Multiply that conversation by 50 times, and you see how fights start between two normally reasonable people. Now, if you will look at his post below, the dumpster makes it to one of the top three most useful things we got. Also note, how full the thing is.

Serena 1, Tig 0