Painting is pretty straight forward. You tape edges, use a paint brush or roller, let it dry, and repeat. Two coats. Simple.

We actually took a free city sponsored painting class before we purchased our place. The best tip we learned from the professional is to make holes in the inner rim of the paint can. Why is this? So paint can drip back into the bucket instead of being gunked up in the rim.

Let me use pictures to better explain the whole process.

use a nail and hammer

You use a nail and hammer to make holes along the inner rim of the paint can just like in the picture. (That picture was hard to take considering I only have 2 hands, one of which is holding the hammer, the other holding the nail.) You should make multiple holes, either going all the way around or just half way around.

holes in paint can

So now when you pour paint into your tray, all you have to do is take the paint brush and run it across the rim of the paint can. All that excess paint should drip through the holes, and back with the rest of the paint. And you put the lid on with a lot less mess.

Obviously this tip does not work so well with a 5-gallon bucket of paint.