If you’ve ever examined a new home or condo recently, you’ve probably seen a network closet. This is usually where the phone and cable service enters the unit, and from there branches out to all the other rooms. This type of network topology is called a star network. Sorry for all the technical talk, but I think it’s cool. Plus I think it’s much better than the cable or telephone guy, making holes in your exterior walls to put in a new cable or phone jack.

Anyway, I’m attempting to network and wire our house properly. This requires the phone (which we currently don’t have service), cable, and computer network wire and equipment will branch out from this closet.

Our first and immediate need is the internet and our computer. This means I’ve got to set up the router (network hub) and cable (for high speed internet) in the closet first. And the router and cable modem need power, so that needs to be planned for.

Here’s my first crack at organizing it.

network closet

It’s a little messy and unrefined, but I’ll work on it again in the future. I plan on finishing the wiring of the study for multiple data ports (that’s ethernet), before I finish the network closet.

I envision a network closet with a patch panel, gigabit ethernet router, cable, and phone lines with 110 block (or 66 block). Ideally I could put in a small network attached storage device or even a small file server with a universal power supply (but I’m just dreaming for now).