Today Jona and I caulked around the tub.


Tig put in the Ginger Chelsea fittings and the shower lever/head/spout. When we looked for chrome fittings, we searched Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Home Depot, without success. Since we were both opinionated, finding something that worked for both of us was hard. But when we do agree on something, we both like it immensely. The Ginger line of fittings (found at a bathroom place) seemed to be of high quality, and we liked the Chelsea line. We bought the hotel shelf to hold towels, a glass shelf over the sink and toilet paper holder.
Chrome Fittings

The fittings are rock solid. We can definitely feel the difference between our unit and the flimsier stuff in the first floor unit.

toilet paper holder

In addition to the Ginger Chelsea, we also splurged on a Jado faucet. Nothing else pleased Tig; he also thought the faucet echoed the lines of other fitting, with its three concentric rings.