This is a blog about our “new” old house and our renovations projects. This blog will also chronicle Tig’s foray as a general contractor, and will serve as some form of entertainment for our family and friends too.

Our home was built in 1927. The previous owners lived in the house for 43 years, and raised 4 children under that roof. The home, along with 4 others on the street, was built as a two family house. The first floor unit will be rented out after our renovations. We will live in the second floor.

Please keep in mind that we have no previous experience in home renovations. Much of what we learn will be from books, the internet, talking to contractors & others with more experience than us, and by trial and error. We hope these pages will be a fun forum for our family and friends to watch our progress. And hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes as us.

Tig and Serena

remuddling gothic